Trying to fit in with the Romans

lets just say everyone here is very different believe me when you come to a country like this when you get back you want to kiss the ground I know that sounds wired but it’s true we are very lucky.latter I will tell you what happened in my day. Bye

Arriving in Rome

so let’s just say I got out of the airport and it was mayhem we had to get on a train and then

get of in the middle of the city we had to go through sooooooooo much stuff it was cra cra we are all soooooooooo tired thanks bye ps  i wolud never want to move to a city miss you guys

3/4 blogs

hi misster caddy my brother wants to setup his new blog and we are not getting eny where with prasswords we have tryed some but no go. he tolled me you said prasswords where the 2 you told him but tomorrow can tell tell him rell prassword pls ella

image I  am reading this book called amulet and it is a new book and is the first of the sires but I recmened  it because it’s very cool and interesting I fonud out by my friend patrick he is reading siers 4 but it is a comic


photography workshop

I was working with Shekeya and Olivia O.  We were going around the school taking interesting photos that show different perspectives and use thirds.  Thirds is when there is three equal parts to the photo.